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  • Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA) Metropolitan Detroit Chapter is a local member of its national association located in Washington, D.C., which includes a family of some 100 chapters around the nation. SMACNA provides codes, standards and technical specifications used throughout the country providing safety and wellbeing to contractors, their sheet metal workers, and the general public.

    The sheet metal industry is often misunderstood due to the vastness of its title. To be a sheet metal worker offers an extensive array of skills and numerous career paths within the construction industry. Primarily SMACNA Detroit contractors fabricate, install and service air-conditioning, heating and air pollution control duct and ventilation systems for residential, commercial, industrial and public and private institutions. In complement, our contractors engineer the plans and details of these systems along with performing the testing and balancing of the individual air handling equipment and ductwork. Sheet metal contractors also fabricate and erect metal roofing and siding, rain gutters, downspouts, skylights and outdoor signage and specialize in the fabrication of restaurant equipment, metal partitions, lockers, and shelving. Although some contractors concentrate in detailing, fabrication, installation or service, most perform all components within the mechanical trade. Outside of the aforementioned services, our membership also includes architectural sheet metal contractors. This division provides exquisite architectural ornamentation using sophisticated metals such as copper and bronze on restoration or new construction projects of a building’s interior and exterior.

    Along with providing the best services, skills and products available in the sheet metal industry, SMACNA Detroit is primarily involved in labor relations activities on behalf of its members with Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation International Association (SMART) Local Union 80, representing approximately 100 contractors who employ some 900 sheet metal workers throughout Southeastern Michigan.

    Membership in SMACNA Metropolitan Detroit Chapter and SMACNA National comes with prestige as customers can expect high standards on their job site provided by expert sheet metal contractors and accomplished members of SMART International and Local Union 80.

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