• Market Recovery Programs

  • The Market Recovery Program, instituted by SMACNA Detroit and Local 80, establishes cost-effective programs for signatory contractors by developing strategies to secure man hours and increase market share within the construction industry.

  • Target Target

    With over $9.5 million invested that has secured one million man hours valued at $53 million, SMACNA Detroit contractors continually use the Target Program to retain and pursue man hours from competitors for the advancement of the industry and financial benefit of the pension and health and welfare funds.

    Download Target Request Form here.

  • Resolution 78 Resolution 78

    This Market Recovery program was specifically established to assist employers in capturing work that would be done by non-signatory contractors and used to balance the differential in wage rates and fringes of competing contractors. Resolution 78 allows for a mix of Residential and Construction workers to assist in lowering the overall crew costs when bidding jobs.

    Download Resolution 78 Program Form here.
    Download Special Resolution 78 Program Form here.

  • Better Heating and Cooling Bureau Rebates Better Heating and Cooling Bureau Rebates

    Homeowner rebates are available within our Residential market sector for payment directly to the customer. New and retrofit work applies for customer rebates ranging from $150 to $350 per unit. SMACNA Detroit contractors use this promotion tool to assist with sales and marketing.

    Download Better Heating and Cooling Bureau Rebates Form here.

  • Vehicle ID and Hard Hats Vehicle ID and Hard Hats

    In the spring of 2002, SMACNA Detroit and Local 80 embarked upon an intensive industry identification program entitled Together We Do It Better. The Vehicle ID Program provides SMACNA Detroit and Local 80 logos slogan emblazoned on our contractor’s company vehicles. This Industry Promotion program is available at no cost to the contractor.

    In addition to the Vehicle ID Program, the Hard Hat Program is available at minimum cost to members.The Hard Hat Program offers Together We Do It Better blue hard hats for union members to display on the job site which encourages pride within our industry partnership.

    Download Vehicle ID Program Form here.
    Download Hard Hat Program Form here.

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